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This is a new page to try and discover the history on mystery tools,

Here we have a hammer with a rear edge tool, manufacturer imprint L. A. Sayre & Co., Newark, NJ

Any idea of its use? Please email me on the link below


A sporting response that would sort of match up:

"I'd say that hammer with fancy bit on top was for on ship's decks: for hammering nails back in, and flip over to clean out between planks, I've not seen one before - inspired guess! Apart from plank nails, the hammer end could be used for knocking in new tarred rope (whatever it's called; making it was a favourite occupation for workhouse inmates). I wonder if there are still remnants of tar/pitch on the tool?" - Anthony

General consensus is this probably started life as a lathing axe, which someone then fashioned in to the above tool, see images to the left for just how similar the tools are.

Thanks to everyone who has offered their opinions/suggestions. Yet to see a Sayre and Co catalogue, but I think this is the most likely scenario.

Brades Giraffe Machette / Machete
I am advertising this item on behalf of someone who is enquiring more about its history, I have never seen the Logo associated with Brades, he currently lives outside the UK, it is not listed in the Brades catalogue I have. He thought the 1623 referred to the year but I did feel it was more likely the model number of that blade.

1623 has been identified as an African machete Knife, produced for the export market


Following much hunting I have now uncovered a Brades Export catalogue that details the machette above





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