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Edge tool trademarks
William Swift had a crown as well as the “WS” and the “William Swift the genuine WS”
.  Morris of Dunsford, believed to be the only original maker still going today

See images of the foundry

Gilpin with the familiar crossed axes


Wheatley Brothers had a "Beacon"


Tyzack, have this mounted Huntsman

or right the three legged logo

Elephant Brand was part of Tyzack



Nash have this stylised rectangle with a serrated edge

Skelton, Sheffield with the Rams head (or Goats head)

A Skelton logo taken from a letterhead.

View full letterhead

Ibbotson & Co

Snake Brand is S&J Kitchins of Sheffield, now owned by Martindale of Birmingham



More information on merger click here



Dronfield, Sheffield

Martindale - Crocodile works, Birmingham
Chillington Crocodile   http://www.chillington.co.uk/
Sorby Logo's
John Yates Logo (Bull)
Yates (John)
Spear and Jackson

Elwell always have this simple mark

additional information click here

Ward and Payne

Thanks to Adrian

Jenks and Cattell
Bowdon & Co
AW WILLS & Sons Ltd logo
Brades Co
Brades Pagoda logo


Cornelius Whitehouse appeared to have several  trademarks, some of which are featured here.

I have now added two letterheads dating from around 1925. Click here to go to them

Billhook Patterns from various manufacturers

Take a look of some of my collection




CW&S - another Whitehouse logo
When Cornelius's Son was born he added a Crown logo to the hooks in celebration.

I am also advised that there hooks depicting "Whitehouse and Son" when he had one son.

Whitehouse Brothers dates pre Whitehouse above

Need a sharpen sir!


Came across this image of two people sharpening a sickle.

 Unsure of the date, but it appears to be old, has the name "Daniel Witchell" on the back.

I suspect the trough should be full of water.

Looks to have a piece of string holding his trousers up- round his neck. Not sure of its origin.

Click on image to view



Also this picture of some apprentice blacksmiths (start them early!)